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Funders & Lenders

It takes money to make money, and cash flow can keep you up at night. No one knows that better than entrepreneurs. If you are part of the financial equation, you spend a lot of time evaluating opportunities and looking for the right fit for your capital.

As a lender, that often means wishing that applicants were better prepared for the process, being in the right phase and having the right information for you to help them. Entrep gives you the opportunity to provide access to information to assist applicants prepare and ensure they are ready, as well as a more informal way to communicate, answer questions and build relationships along the way.

As a funder, having exposure to greater number of potential opportunities can keep you laser focused on your niche and maximize your return. Entrep's search capabilities help funders identify companies in the right phase, right industry with the right products and services, regardless of physical location, to build your portfolio.


Want to connect with others who share the same business interests, passions and challenges? Want information on a potential new market? Entrep's open communities facilitate communication, networking and sharing in the specific context of building your business. Search to find the ones that meet your needs or collaborate with others to create your own.

You already have a group of entrepreneurs you support, but how do you efficiently guide them, provide resources and maximize their collaboration without recreating the wheel? Entrep's closed communities offer the best of both worlds - private sharing among the groups you serve, while still giving them the expanded resources that Entrep offers.

Research IP

As an institution that creates IP, your ultimate goal is to provide economic benefit through commercialization. But how do you make your IP easily searchable in a forum that brings the businesses that want it your doorstep?

Entrep's IP nationwide clearinghouse allows IP creators and seekers to search opportunities and find the right match to move their businesses forward. Increase your IP placement or find the IP you need with Entrep.

Support Organizations

Your mission is to help entrepreneurs, but too often your reach can be limited by a physical location or by who walks in your door. There are exponentially more people who need your help, if you only had a way to reach them. Entrep breaks down the geographic barriers that impede the existing entrepreneurial support system and connects the groups with the right expertise with the entrepreneurs who need it most.

If your focus is economic development, Entrep is where you need to be.

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