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Entrepreneurs are essential to the American economy. That goes for urban and rural businesses and everything in between. But many entrepreneurs struggle to find the resources, funding and expertise they need, due to geography or simply lack of connections.

As entrepreneurs, we know the learning curve is steep and connections are critical. So we created a platform that reduces the time wasted “figuring it out” and helps you connect to the people that you need to know, regardless of where they are. You will grow your business faster and more effectively when you have the support of a strong entrepreneurial community.

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Whether you’re in start-up or scaling mode, we’re here to provide you with the instant access to the help you need when you need it, regardless of where you are.


As a funder, Entrep expands your reach and helps you find more investments to choose from. Lenders can better educate potential clients to smooth the application and approval process.


Find entrepreneurs who share your passions and need your guidance. Entrepreneurs can search for mentors by area of expertise, industry, geography and more.

Research IP

Entrep connects entrepreneurs with IP owners so they can leverage the latest breakthroughs and technology. Get rid of exhausting IP searches by leveraging Entrep’s IP search capabilities.

Support Organizations

Nonprofits, incubators, accelerators and universities provide vital support to entrepreneurs. Easily connect your expertise with people who need it.


If you are an existing community, alliance, incubator or support organization, Entrep provides the perfect place to gather and share knowledge and resources. Individuals or entities with shared interests can create new communities as well.

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